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Technology Leasing is a company in New Zealand specialising in leasing technology equipment including communications, security cameras, computers, servers, and other similar products


Leasing offers many benefits over traditional capital purchases of technical and electronic equipment including:


Operational cost verses capital cost making it affordable now

Tax deductable operational cost

Maintained or non-maintained options

Technology upgrade during lease term and at end of lease


Typcially lease terms range from 36 - 60 months however these can be tailor made to suit your needs.  


At the end of the lease term the equipment if it meets the customers

requirements, can be renewed for a new term at a reduced lease rate.


Alternatively the equipment can be upgraded in part or all under a new lease structure.


Our Lease Solutions can be inclusive of planned preventative and reactive maintenance providing a fixed cost all inclusive technology lease solution. 


Alternatively maintenance can be structured outside the lease.