About Technology Leasing


Technology Leasing (NZ) Limited was formed in 2001 and is a technology equipment leasing company based in Auckland, New Zealand. 


We lease all types of electronic technology products and these can be structured under either a maintained or non-maintained lease.

This equipment could include:


  • Sound systems

  • Solar panels

  • Radio telephones

  • Closed-circuit television cameras and systems

  • Security systems

  • Desktop computers and laptops

  • Servers

  • Tablet computers

  • Phone Systems

  • Electronic whiteboards

Include the insurance, maintenance but also make the lease affordable !

About TPT Group


TPT Group is proud to be a New Zealand based Family Office, founded in 1999, it is a privately held investment company with a focus on the growth and development of a portfolio of entities in key business sectors.


The group provides governance, strategy, systems and capital to allow the businesses to fulfil their market potential.  The group consists of nine businesses, several leaders in their respective  fields.  The focus of the group is to create a great group of businesses and multiple of these are focussed on technology and future innovative products.  

The group is well capitalised for growth with the focus over the last 22 years about owning all assets, from plant and equipment through to significant property assets. 


Our strategy, diversification, and financial position, have positioned TPT Group well for the future.

We are an organisation who values and supports its people, and is committed to empowering staff to be the best of the best.

We value exponential thinking, embrace change and are always pushing boundaries to create a better future for our business, our customers, and our people.


Our values are at the heart of everything we do. They guide us to make the best decisions every day, and help us define our strategy, make business decisions, and ensure everyone feels a sense of belonging and value.











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